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Here is Paul’s eleventh walk in his monthly column.

This month his destination is the Cottingham Snickets

Maps:-  No map available.
Start at GR. 051327  Cottingham Railway Station.
Distance 4.5 miles approx. Two hours including short stop.

Leave the station car park and turn right into Hallgate and then turn left between Nos. 9 & 11 Hallgate and walk down the snicket. Emerge onto Kingtree Avenue and turn left and follow the road to meet Newgate Street. Turn left and then cross Newgate Street at the traffic island and walk down Snuff Mill Lane.

At the end of the lane, continue ahead and cross Hornbeam Walk and follow a tarmac footpath in the same direction. Immediately after the wall on the left, bear left and cross a grassed area and then left again on reaching Hornbeam Drive. At the end of Hornbeam Drive, bear right and pass No. 52 on the left. Cotniue down a path and bear left, on reaching the railway track which emerges onto Thwaite Street. Cross over and turn right, cross the level crossing and turn left into Station Walk. Pass the station on the left and at the junction of paths bear right. Continue to meet New Village road and turn left. Follow New Village road as it first bears left and then right.

Cross over Northgate level crossing and immediately turn left into Station Road. After about 20 yards, turn right and walk down a cobbled snicket with a drain on the right. At the path junction, bear right and cross a wooden footbridge and walk down the tarmac snicket with the drain on the left. At the next junction of paths, turn left and follow the path to emerge on Hallgate opposite the church.

Turn left and cross the road and, at the entrance to Arlington Avenue double back to the right and walk down the snicket with the cemetery on the right. Immediately after passing Church House, turn left and walk down the short snicket to emerge on Arlington Avenue, cross the road and continue straight ahead down a snicket and follow this as it sweeps first left and then right to emerge on Kingtree Avenue. Cross over and walk down the snicket with No.47 Kingtree Avenue on the left.

On reaching the junction of paths, bear left to emerge on Newgate Street. Cross the road and continue down Longman Lane. At the end continue straight ahead down a snicket to emerge on Link Road and turn right. Follow Link Road passing Saner Close on the left and then turn left into Nalton Court. Walk down to the end and then turn right walking in front of the houses and locate a gate in the far left corner. Pass through this gate (Closed between 6.0p.m. and 6.0a.m.) Emerge onto a tarmac path to eventually meet a concrete road and turn right to meet

The Garth. Turn left and after about 40 yards, turn right and walk down a surfaced path as it swings right to reach the top of Dixon Court. Walk down Dixon Court to reach the opposite side of The Garth. Cross over and continue straight ahead down a wide path known as Bacon Garth Lane. Emerge onto South Street and turn right to the pedestrian crossing controlled by traffic lights. Cross the road and turn left.

After about 200 yards turn down a snicket on the right to emerge at the top of Finkle Street and turn right. After a short distance turn left and walk down a snicket opposite No. 127 Finkle Street. Emerge onto Hallgate and turn right. Cross the road and turn left down George Street. Just before the end of George Street, turn right down a snicket and follow this as it swings left and emerge on Northgate and turn right. Cross the road and then turn left immediately after passing the Shooting Club. Emerge in Tinley Close and walk down to Queens Drive. Cross over and continue down the path opposite, pass through a metal kissing gate to enter the playing fields.

Turn right and follow the path round the perimeter of the field. At the corner of the field turn right and enter a large field still keeping the back of the houses on the right. On reaching the corner of this field, turn right and cross a bridge and walk down the path with the drain on the left. Eventually emerge onto Lawson Avenue and turn left and then bear right. At the end of the cul-de-sac bear left down a footpath to emerge on Northgate. Cross Northgate and turn right and then immediately left down a snicket to emerge on Cannongate and turn left. At the end of Cannongate meet a path and turn left to emrge on Station Road. Turn left back to the station car park.






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