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Park Lane Development - updated 28/4/16

This development will be discussed at a forthcoming Planning Meeting on May 5th in Beverley.


At a Cottingham Parish Council Planning Committee Meeting held on the 4th November the proposed development was again rejected.

On a unanimous decision the Cottingham Parish Council Planning Committee strongly objected to this application on the following grounds:
  •  The site had been ejected in the emerging ERYC Local Plan as it was within Source Protection Zone 1 and development could compromise the integrity of the local groundwater sources.  It also intruded into the open countryside
   • The site was outside the building development limit set out in the Beverley Borough Plan
   • The site regularly flooded and the attenuation proposed by the developer would be inadequate
   • General flooding and drainage concerns, including who would maintain any systems once the development was sold on
   • Sewerage issues – where would it go as Cottingham sewers are already up to capacity as evidenced by the overflow of sewerage into gardens in numerous locations during recent periods of heavy rain
   • Inadequate provision for cars
   • Highway safety would be compromised by increased traffic both on Park Lane itself and at the access onto Northgate
   • The development was against the emerging Neighbourhood Plan
   • The Committee feel very strongly that no development should take place until the necessary infrastructure improvements that Cottingham needs have been put in place.
• Should the ERYC Planning Officer not agree with the Committee’s decision then it was agreed that this application should go before the ERYC Planning Committee.


Below is a link to the ERYC Planning Portal. Information regarding the proposed residential development of 88 houses.



Below is the layout of the proposed development.park_lane_development.gif

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