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Important advice on telephone and computer fraud

Telephone and computer fraud has increased alarmingly, and some people falling victim to it have lost large sums of money. Don’t let it happen to you. Fraudsters will claim to be from Microsoft, HMRC, major Banks, *telephone & *broadband providers, or insurance claim companies or even high street stores. *One giveaway in this area is if the caller claims there is a problem with your BT telephone or broadband connection. They usually don’t know we are the only area in the UK not on BT!

These callers can be very plausible and very persistent, ringing many times a day.

Microsoft do not call computer users - Never let cold callers take control of your computer

DO NOT divulge passwords or pin numbers - Bank employees will only ever ask for one or two characters from a password

Never follow links in emails asking you to update your security details.

Never let a cold caller ask you to withdraw or transfer funds from one bank account to another .

Never change direct debit or payee details if contacted by phone.

If a cold caller invites you to call a number to verify their authenticity, do not fall for this. They can hold the telephone line open, and when you think you are dialing a new number you are in fact still through to the same person.

Number spoofing is where a caller can be from overseas, but the number you see on your caller ID is a UK number like London, Sheffield or Manchester etc. During a conversation these cold callers will often quote a UK phone number.

Age UK has some very useful information on their website: http://bit.ly/2DnSDiy

You can report cold callers and emails to: www.actionfraud.police.uk

If you think you have fallen victim to any fraud, contact the Police, and importantly your Bank or credit card company if you have paid out any money. If it is computer related fraud you will need your computer security-checked first, do not continue to use it.

Provided by Richard Mills of RDM Computers Cottingham
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