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We're all apart, but more together than ever!


Your not stuck at home, your safe at home. One word can change your attitude, and one cough can change your life! Stay Safe.


You can't see it, you can't taste it or touch it, has it got its eye on you?
If it's feeling hungry anyone will do! You don't have to run and hide, just be very careful, and try to stay inside!


Oh to be in England now that Covids here
It’s here for a while that’s quite clear
It could have missed Hull as most things do
Let’s hope it’s just passing through
The experts say it could take twelve weeks
It all depends on when the number peaks

What have we done to deserve this curse
But taking stock it could be worse
We are eating well and putting on weight
Shopping done for us and left at the gate
“Fancy fish and chips ?”our daughter rings
Collects them in the village and then brings
The delicious parcels to our door
And what’s more
Collects the shopping list for next week  
Our payment method is quite sleek
Small round table strategically placed
Two meters spaced and carefully paced
so money and goods so kindly shopped
Can now be brought in and safely swapped.
Pills from the chemist (my grumpy knee)
Delicious Quiches from Deli lady
Plants and newspapers Bog paper and rice
Wine and crisps bread buns and spice
All collected by a neighbour or friend
Offers of help so thoughtfully penned
Makes you realise that people care
And are concerned for our welfare

We will forever be grateful to all of those
Who have worked, and helped and those that chose
To be a key worker and help in the protection
or stand in the breach to stem the infection
They have helped us through these terrible days
What would we do without them, they are beyond praise.

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