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Willerby Roundabout

    •    Enlargement of the existing roundabout
    •    Installation of traffic signals on the A164 and B1232 arms
    •    Creation of 2 dedicated straight-on lanes on the A164 in both directions
    •    Both lanes on the B1232 approach will be permitted to turn right onto the A164
    •    The provision of an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing across the east arms of the A164
    •    The roundabout signals will be managed by state-of-the-art controllers that monitor and adapt to traffic conditions.
    •    Extensive traffic modelling of the proposals predicts the scheme will increase the junction capacity by around 30%. This is expected to reduce queuing and delays particularly on the worst affected B1232 entry from Willerby. This currently gets heavily congested at peak times, largely due to traffic turning right having to give way to westbound A164 traffic.
    •    The design allows both B1232 approach lanes to turn right onto the A164 eastbound.
    •    Computer controlled traffic signals with queue detection equipment will ensure the junction operates in a balanced manner.
    •    Additionally, both westbound lanes on the A164 will be available for straight ahead traffic, and an internal turn lane is included for right turners from the A164 eastbound.
    •    The scheme will be part funded by local housing developers, with the remainder funded by the council.


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