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Do you want Health and Well Being?
Then try this new system to regain your optimal health

What is it?
You have a body field . . . . and now you can read it!
The human body field is more than a collection of meridians and acupuncture points, a system of chakras, or multi-layered aura. It is a network of quantum fields.

In only a few seconds, a Nutri-Energetics System (NES) scan reveals where your body field has been disturbed and what corrections need to be made.
By taking drops of the infoceuticals-remedies encoded with quantum information you can restore your body field, which activates your physical bodies own self-healing.

NES provides you a way to start you on a true path to wellness by:-
* Revealing the correct sequence of healing
* Detecting low vitality and restoring the power the body needs to heal
* Correcting energy and information distortions that disrupt normal cell and organ functions
* Identifying geopathic stress, which was difficult to assess or correct until NES made it possible

Nutri-Energetics gives you a natural health system unlike any other - and an easier, more effective way to help guide you back to well-being.

Your nearest practitioner is:-
The Healing Hut
221 Hallgate, Cottingham
Telephone: 01482 842078
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