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The Classic Oriental vitality drink.


The classic oriental vitality drink with a 2000-year-track record for promoting wellbeing. A rosy drink with under tones of iced tea and a delicate peachy flavour

Kombucha is a truly remarkable and ancient health drink from the East, made by fermenting sweetened green tea with a special microbial culture.

Kombucha aficionados, who often make their own Kombucha at home, believe it contributes to general well-being by strengthening and stabilising your metabolic and digestive processes. Among them is Nobel prizewinner Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who wrote in his autobiography that it saved his life in the Siberian slave camps.


A huge amount of research has been done on the effects of Kombucha, much of it in Russia, and Germany, and we have a bibliography of over 200 scientific articles. of over 200 scientific articles.


Kombucha is also a great taste - fruity, rich, tangy, and quite unlike any other soft drink.

Serving Suggestion
Highly concentrated - dilute 10:1 or to taste with sparkling or still water.

Cane sugar, water,
Kombucha 30 x concentrate 31% (from sweetened green tea fermented with Kombucha culture) peach juice concentrate, fruit tea extract, cider vinegar, natural flavours.

Nutritional Information Per 100ml:
Energy 108KJ/25kcal, Protein trace, Carbohydrate 6.1g,
of which sugars 6.1g, Fat nil, Fibre nil, Sodium trace.


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