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Ear candling is an old established method that has been used over the centuries by the Ancient Chinese, Greeks, Egyptians, and also North and South American Indians.

It is a safe, pain‑free alternative to syringing. If you suffer from any of the following problems then perhaps ear candling would help.


What Happens?
Following a consultation you will be made comfortable on the couch/bed on your side. The candle is placed just inside your ear canal and the opposite end of the candle will be lit and burnt down to an area marked on the candle. The chimney effect thus created  draws the wax and impurities up into the hollow candle. While the candle is in your ear, your face and neck are gently massaged with essential oils, particularly in the area of the lymph nodes, to assist with the clearing of the sinuses and the removal of the impurities from the ear. You may hear either a ‘sea shore’ sound (as when you place a seashell against the ear) or a faint crackling, as the wax loosens and is drawn out. The treatment is then carried out for the other ear, and the total time taken for both ears is approximately 45 minutes. A separate candle is used for both ears and it is important to treat both ears otherwise you could upset the balance.

With more technology i.e. mobile phones and ear pieces for those working in call centres, it is known that more wax is produced in the ear that is used most. The treatment is also beneficial before and after a long‑haul flight.


What Possible Benefits from a Treatment
        * In some cases restoration of smell and taste

        * Regulation of ear pressure (flying & diving)

        * Proper balancing of ear fluids (car and air sickness)

        * Catarrh resulting from Nasophharynx problems

        * Activates proper ear fluid circulation

        * Irritation of the ears

        * Excessive or compacted wax in the ears

        * Glue ear

        * Improved hearing

        * Increased hair and nail growth

        * Migraines and headaches

        * Improved mental clarity

        * Menier’s disease

        * Improve eyesight

        * Rhinitis (irritation of the lining of the nose producing large amounts of mucous).

        * Sinusitis

        * Snoring and Hangovers

        * Better Lymphatic Circulation

        * Relief from Vertigo

        * Hay Fever

        * Colds and Flu

As you see there are many benefits to this treatment and you will find it calming and relaxing.

Editors note: Having undergone the Ear Candling treatment with Carol I found this very relaxing and a sense of wellbeing afterwards and can highly recommend it.

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