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What is it?
It is an organisation for retired Gentlemen. No lower age limit if fully retired.

Its aims
To promote fellowship, friendship and social intercourse between  "members".

What does it do?
Offers talks, lectures and presentations, either by "members" themselves or invited guests.

When does it meet?
Fortnightly from September through to early May.

Where does it meet?
In St. Mary's Church Hall, on Wednesday afternoons at 2.00 pm. Tea/coffee are served with biscuits.

Are there any other activities?
There are two overseas tours/cruises arranged each yeare (for "members" and wives/partners), as well as five-day breaks within the UK along with days out to special events.
In addition a Christmas Lunch outing is arranged at exclusive hotels for wives/parthers. Usually about an hours drive away.
For the members a special "Men Only" Christmas outing is arranged (just for the day).

How does one become a "member"
Simply come to a meeting, introduce yourself to the treasurer, (on the right as you enter), and he will register you.

What are the fees?
There is no "membership" fee. You simply pay a levy at each meeting, currently £2.00, which covers the cost of the room hire, speakers and refreshments.

What are the rules?
There are only two rules. We do not discuss politics or religions from the floor or in debate.
Even so, the organisation is Non-denominational and non-political. All are welcome.

How are the officials elected?
As perhaps, the most unique and informal organisation in the village, all officials are invited by the committee to take up any post that becomes vacant. (The present Social Secretary was invited to take up the post in 1988). 'There is no A.G.M.

What's in a Name?
At its founding in 1975 when the present rules were laid down, the founder, Mr Harry Wrigh, was looking for a distinctive name for the organisation. As they met in the Church Hall it was suggested that a certain Nicholas de Luda who was sent from Louth (Luda) in Lincolnshire, by the then King in 1364, to rescue the church from its rather dilapidated state, and who is now much revered in the church, was just the name for the organisation. The rector approved, even though Harry Wright insisted on the two above mentioned, and only rules.

Do we support any Charities?

This is a trust which provices support for those old Ghurkas (most of them now in their 80s and 90s) who fought so bravely for this country in the last World War but did not serve long enough to get a military pension, like thousands of us. We have our National Insurance to fall back on. They have nothing.

For more information contact: Robin Russell (General Secretary) on 846246
or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Speakers and Events 2017

March 8th - Colin Hill - Audio-Visual Presentation

March 22nd - Michael Wood - Being a Toastmaster

April 5th - Rob Haywood - The Sam Allon Collection

April 19th - Mike Covell - Victorian Ghost Stories

May 3rd - Liz Shepherd - Carnegie Heritage Centre

May 17th - Alan Deighton - Memories of Count Adolph de Weisdinsky


September 6th - Jim Shaw - Cinemas in Hull

September 20th - Tony Featherstone - Village Life in the Thirties

September (to be announced) Three Days Portsmouth Area

October 4th - John Tilson - Stone Wall Jackson

October 18th - David Osler - Hull Lords Mayor

November 1st - Richard Axford - Six Gentlemen of Verona

November 15th - John Ferguson - Family History

November 29th - John W. Day - 'Classified'

December 7th (Thursday) - Ladies Christmas Lunch
   Venue to be announced

December 13th - Men-Only Christmas Dinner
   Venue to be announced

December 20th - Robin Russell - Memories

SEE YOU AGAIN IN 2018 - Why not introduced a friend?

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