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"Tight Lines"

with Chris Catchmoore

Welcome to Chris who will be reporting monthly with news and tips from the world of fishing

The 16th June has now passed, and for all you river anglers out there the close season is over. We are only one week into the season and already I am receiving good reports from our local river Hull and the Trent.

The Hempholme stretch and the Tickton stretch have both been producing a lot of good Roach. There have been reports on a huge shoal of bream showing 1/2 mile up from Tickton, but as yet nobody has caught any in any great numbers; I get the feeling that they may still be spawning.

A local lad from Hull showed me a photograph of his first ever Barbel this week, which he caught on his first ever outing on the river Hull on the magic June 16th! It weighed an impressive 6lb 30z. Well done and how lucky you are Neil. He caught the Barbel from the China Red stretch at Dunswell, using paste wrapped around a 14mm drilled pellet to a size 10 hook. The fish came on his second cast of the day after feeding a small bag of pellets, laced with particle mix, which he put down with a bait dropper.

As for the Trent, well what can I say apart from it's about time; there have been a number of good reports from many areas such as, Newark, Cottingham, and Farnham Ferry in fact all over. Fish are being caught on all sorts of methods. A variety of tack ticks are being used on these rivers, from the running ledger to trotting, bolt rigs to a simple ledger with a fixed paternoster.

For all those anglers out there that don't know how to use these methods, I will over the next few issues describe these methods along with methods for the pole, waggler and feeder.  Anybody wishing to have a demonstration on how to set up any rigs or knots etc are more than welcome to come to my shop where I will do my very best to help.

The coarse season is now beginning its height, the spawning spell for the majority of venues is now over and the coarse angler can start baggin'. There are many local venues around our parts ranging in distance from a couple of miles to thirty. Over the next few months I will feature as many as possible and provide contact numbers and addresses.
As this is my first issue, I would like to welcome all anglers to get in touch with me with any funny stories or experiences that you may have, and want to share with other anglers in future issues. Together, with a little luck we will learn something, laugh at something and ultimately catch a lot more fish.

My name is Chris, and for now I wish you "Tight Lines"
If you have any fishing queries or requirements, contact Chris at Catchmoore Fishing Tackle, 259 Greenwood Avenue, HU6 9QA. Telephone 01482 803260.

Welcome back readers to this months fishing news.
I would like to take you to a picturesque venue this month; a lake in Newport called Rose Cottage. This is a lovely pond covered in lily's, with a total of 17 pegs. The depth varies from 21/2 ft -16 ft. The lake is absolutely crammed with various fish, predominately, Roach, Rudd, Skimmers, Perch, Tench and good quality Bream. Yes there are some Carp in this lake, they are elusive creatures, and as yet I have never seen one caught.


My wife and I fished this venue at the beginning of the month, with great success. Katrina caught mainly up in the water, on the waggler using corn whilst catapulting corn & maggot around the float; on such a hot day this method was very productive.

During the height of the day you could see fish topping all over the lake. I fished 21/2 ft deep to as little as 10"; and my approach was the pole, using a bobble float or "blob". Hook size 14 kamasan B911 to 3lb mainline, no shot at all on this rig to enable the bait, (maggot, and only one in my case) to fall at a slow pace through the water. The bites were very positive and at times came in quick succession. I weighed in with 47lb 12oz after only 4 hours. The largest fish caught was a 5lb Bream.
TOP TIP: To fish the bobble float method I advise that you use
8-10 elastic set fairly soft. I personally use my top kit with the rig about 3/4 the length of the top kit. Make sure anglers that if you want to fish this method, take plenty of loose feed bait.
Anybody that requires a demonstration of this method is more than welcome to pop into the shop
This venue is easy to find and well worth a visit. If you forget your pack up there is a great butchers shop on route in Newport, the steak pies are the best in Britain!
If you wish to fish this venue please contact the fishery owner Chris: 01430 472166/07702 645595. You do not have to ring, but on occasion even he is still asleep, whilst the early bird angler wants to start baggin' and you could find that the gate is locked. The day ticket price is only £4.00. Post code HU15 2RU for all sat nav users.

Carlton on Trent has been producing some lovely Barbel. Our manager mark fished the venue last weekend and he caught his first ever river Barbel, weighing in at 6lb 9oz. He used his Daiwa twilight Barbel Rod, 15lb Bullfighter line, 3oz Barbel Tunnel feeder, hook length 7lb, size 16 hook, attached to a Korum Quick stop. His angling buddy Colin caught three river Barbel, and both anglers caught roach whilst trotting.

Once again I would like to welcome all anglers to get in touch with me with any funny stories or experiences that you may have. Thank you from the Catchmoore Crew "tight lines"
If you have any fishing queries or requirements, contact Chris at Catchmoore Fishing Tackle, 259 Greenwood Avenue, HU6 9QA. Telephone 01482 803260.