JJ's Smart Repairs

JJ's Smart Repairs

Prepare your car for winter with a protective triple-stage
Winter Waxing from JJ’s Smart Repairs

Here at JJ’s Smart Repairs, not only do we make scuffs and scrapes disappear, we can also help protect your car against the rigours of the winter weather.

Our triple stage winter wax process guards your cars paintwork from the salt and other corrosives that are put on treated roads, seals in little chips to prevent rust from getting a hold, and makes it far easier to clean the grime, tar spots and dead flies off. Plus, if you have a problem with bird mess, which can be very acidic, it prevents it from leaving a stain which over time can be impossible to clean off.

Stage 1- Clean and sterilise the paint work to remove any debris stuck on such as tar or dead flies.

Stage 2 - Solid wax application. Unlike creams often used by others, this gives a good old-fashioned, long-lasting result.

Stage 3 - resin cream to seal in the wax to prolong the benefits for up to six months.

Also we . . .

How do your headlights look??

With dark nights approaching, make sure you have 100%  visibility.
For only £40 we can polish your headlights back to brand new. Not only can a dim beam fail your MOT, it makes driving a hazard on those cold dark nights.

For the month of October only, present the October edition of the Cottingham Times, and we offer, when booked both together, a Headlight Polish and Winter Wax for only £100. A saving of £20.

So why not give your car a little TLC and give yourself some peace-of-mind and book in today.


JJ's Smart Repairs

The SMART solution to repairing minor damage to your car

Buying a car is one of our biggest investments, and let’s face it, whether you buy a new or used, your car is your pride and joy. How devastating, then, to find it dented or damaged through no fault of our own . . .

Unfortunately it happens to almost all of us at some point, often during a trip to the supermarket  when another driver leaves their calling card in the shape of a badly-scratched door or wing or a scuffed bumper.

But the great news is there’s a cost-effective way of making your car look as good as new again. And it’s here in Cottingham.

JJ’s SMART Repairs is a family firm based in Station Road near the Cottingham Railway Station. And since opening, father and son John and Jack Allen (hence JJ’s) have welcomed a succession of satisfied customers.

SMART actually stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques and JJ’s offers exactly that - tackling scuffed bumpers, scratches, kerb-damaged alloy wheels, minor dents and stone chips at a fraction of the cost of most body shops.

“We’re a much cheaper alternative to the body shop,” John Allen told the Cottingham Times. “Take something like a scuffed bumper. Typically, with a body shop, you’re looking at a bill of £350 to £400 whereas our cost would be £140 to £160.”

There’s a growing network of SMART businesses up and down the country, although in most cases it tends to be a man with a van visiting the motorist’s own home. With JJ’s SMART Repairs, the work is tackled under cover in their own fully-fitted workshops.

“We spent a long time looking for the right location and Cottingham is perfect for us,” said John, who has more than 18 years experience in the motor trade. “We can tackle jobs no matter what the weather’s like.”

JJ’s SMART Repairs offer a collect and deliver service and its location, close to Cottingham Railway Station on Station Road, means it’s feasible for some people to drop their car off on the way to work, catch a train and then collect it again on the way back after work.

Jack, 23, works alongside dad John, having completed a two-year diploma course in car repairs and spraying at the Toyota Academy in Nottingham.

“We pride ourselves in making things look as good as new again. We offer an affordable solution to regaining that smart look,” Jack said. “We’re fast, friendly and want to be known for excellent customer service and quality workmanship.”

Services offered include machine polishing and waxing and alloy wheel repairs.

JJ’s SMART Repairs is based at Unit 11, Station Road, Cottingham.

More information is available via their Facebook page, or by calling 01482 840465 or via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .